Operations Management

Focus on optimizing operations 

Customers rely on JASINT expertise to implement business-enhancing Agile Program and Project Management services that improve portfolio performance, as well as overall operations. Our operations management expertise is inclusive of but not limited to:

• Systems Architecture

• Cradle-to-grave Acquisition Support

• Procurement Development

• IGCE Research & Development

• Risk Mitigation

• Technical Research Support

• Strategic Sourcing and Category Management Support

• Acquisition Lifecycle Streamlining

• Acquisition Lifecycle Schedule Management

• Market Analysis Support

• Program / Project Management

• Solicitation Development Support

• Socioeconomic Impact Research Support

• Portfolio Management Support

• Strategic Planning

• Policy and Planning Support

• Financial Planning Support

• Training Material Development and Management

• Strategic and Operational Analysis Support

• Process Development Monitoring and Revision (PDMR) Support