JASINT leaders connect, influence, and empower our teams to be successful and add value to the work and overall organization. Our leaders demonstrate the ability to understand the current work environment, envision appropriate strategic organizational goals, align resources to achieve those goals and inspire others to attain them. JASINT is all about providing employees with opportunities for growth and development. Where you start with JASINT is not where you should end up. We anticipate our client and employee needs by staying abreast of supported industry evolution and continuous learning.

Rodney Williams

CEO / Founder

John Miller

Portfolio Manager

Cynthia Lang

Portfolio Manager

Anna Licavoli

Portfolio Manager

Kaitlin Sensibaugh

Portfolio Manager

Sheila Rivera

Portfolio Manager

Brian Smith

Senior Controller

Michelle Miree

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Molly Meneely

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Nina Williams

Quality Control Manager

Suzanne Blades

Director of Human Resources

J. Hughes

Staff Accountant