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At JASINT Consulting and Technologies, our teams of engineers are ready to help you solve challenging problems encountered in an emerging technological environment. If you are serious about getting positive and effective results, JASINT is your answer. We address industrial, technological issues from two different, but critical, perspectives – managerial, and technological. If you have reached the crossroads of the informational highway.

JASINT can propel you in a positive direction with pertinent technology and strategic results!

Scaled Agile Framework Training

The SAFe framework helps the business deliver valuable software in the shortest sustainable lead time and synchronize alignment as well as collaboration with a large number of Agile teams. Part of the challenge with enterprise large scale IT projects is the lack of coordination of large scale solutions; SAFe provides the framework that aligns the enterprise toward a common business and technical goal. Learn how our training courses will help you with your career >

  • Systems Engineering
  • Virtualization Practice
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Custom Programming
  • IT Administration
  • Integrated Services
  • Database Architecture, Engineering and Administration
  • Developer/Customer Support Staffing
  • Help Desk Support
  • Janitorial Services
  • Parking Management Services
  • Intelligence Analysis Services
  • Network Architecture, Engineering, Administration